Professional Development

As a Senior Member of the Civil Air Patrol you will be trained in leadership, management and ethics. This is all accomplished by completing the senior member professional development program. While completing your professional development, you will be faced with five challenging levels of training to prepare you for a leadership or staff position. Each of these levels will present you with diverse and informative training opportunities.

LEVEL I, (Starting Your Journey)

Where it all begins...

LEVEL II (Technical Training)

Learning your way around the squadron and learning your job.

  • Squadron Leadership School
  • Specialty Track Technician Training
  • Officer Basic Course
  • Staff Service

LEVEL III (Management)

Taking yourself out of the squadron and learning to lead others.

  • Corporate Learning Course
  • Specialty Track Senior Training
  • Yeager Test
  • Conference Attendance
  • Staff/Command Service

LEVEL IV (Command & Staff)

Mastering your craft, leading more.

  • Region Staff College
  • Specialty Track Master Training
  • Course Director/Staff/Instructor Service
  • Continued Staff/Command Service

LEVEL V (Executive)

Putting everything together... being a role model.

  • National Staff College
  • Continued Course Director/Staff/Instructor Service
  • Continued Staff/Command Service
  • Mentoring Junior Officers/NCOs