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Promotion Review Board Request

All cadets will be required to meet with the Promotion Review Board prior to completing each achievement. The following must be completed prior to requesting the convening of the Promotion Review Board
  1. Leadership Test
  2. Aerospace Test
  3. Character Development (Ach. 1 to 8)
  4. Passed a Physical Fitness Test
  5. Written Assignment (Ach. 8 & Cadet Officer)
Drill Tests and Oral Presentations are not required in order to request a Promotion Review Board.

What to complete, review and Study prior to your PRB
  1. Cadet Oath
  2. Cadet Honor Code
  3. Chain of Command, to include Group Commander, Wing Commander, Region Commander & National Commander
  4. Completion of appropriate Cadet Leadership Feedback Form (CAPF 60-90 Series)
  5. Check to make sure your uniform is in accordance with CAPM 39-1, CAP Uniform Manual

After you have requested the convening of the Promotion Review Board, an email will be sent to you regarding your scheduled time. Please arrive no later than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled review board. Failure to show up at your scheduled time will result in a rescheduling of your review board up to a period of 30 days, which could result in you being held in grade during that period.

All Promotion Review Boards will be held on the 1st and 3rd week from 5:45 PM to 6:20 PM.