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Grand Strand Color Guard

In the Civil Air Patrol, the color guard (where the word color is referring to the national flag) carries the National Color and other appropriate flags. Typically these include a unit flag, organization flag and/or state flag. In addition to the flag bearers, who are positioned in the center of the color guard, there are two or more individuals who carry rifles. These individuals are known as more commonly known as Guards. This is a symbol that the flag (and its nation) will always be protected.

The color guard will consist of three or more cadets. The most senior cadets, when practical, shall function as flag bearers for the US and Civil Air Patrol flags since these are positions of honor reserved for experienced personnel. Color guard members should ideally be airmen and NCOs. In situations where a mission must be accomplished and Phase II cadets aren’t available, CAP cadet officers and senior members may serve on a color guard, but only as an exception.

The US flag bearer is the color guard commander and gives all commands. Whoever performs as the color guard commander must possess a comprehensive understanding of chapter 7 of this manual, Title 4 Chapter 1 of the United States Code, and awareness of the honor associated with serving on a color guard.

The guards may use replica service rifles. CAP color guards should not carry side arms (replica pistols). CAP color guards will not carry bayonets, swords or sabers.


1st Lt A. Malave
Senior Member Color Guard Officer-In-Charge

C/MSgt M. Malave
Cadet Color Guard Commander


C/MSgt M. Malave
United States Flag Bearer

C/MSgt J. Troegner
State / Organization  Flag Bearer

C/CMSgt J. Sailer
Right Guard

C/A1C E. Malave
Left Guard

C/Amn S. Malave
Color Guard Alternate

C/TSgt A. Sitarik
Color Guard Alternate